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Your Questions Answered

How severe were these storms? I can't see any damage. If Large hail and high winds have been reported in your area within the last year there is a good chance your home may have been damaged.  Large hail and high wind damage that damage your home is usually not noticeable without a close inspection of your entire home's exterior.  Hail damage to your siding, gutters & trim will not be noticeable until there is perfect lighting supplied.  We will give you a complete exterior inspection and even provide photos and comments for your review. 

How much damage do I need to get approved?  Usually on your roof, your insurance company does 100 sq ft. test square to see how many hail impacts and wind damaged areas there are.  The amount of hail damage impacts needed varies from company to company. Your siding, gutters, trim and all other soft metals will show visible dents, but sometimes very hard to see unless perfect lighting is supplied. As long as you have consistent damage and we can pinpoint an exact date within one year, your insurance will fully replace or repair your roof, siding, gutters and other exterior items. 

Will my insurance rates be raised? Hail, wind and flood damage are considered an Act of God and cannot be counted against you.  Your insurance company has the right to raise your rates or even drop you for any reason (usually when you have multiple high dollar claims).  But your insurance will usually not raise your rates for one claim.

 How does my insurance payout my claim? When your claim is approved, your insurance company will send a detailed estimate and first payment (Actual Cash Value Payment).  Your first payment is usually between 40-60% of the total cost of the project.  When your job is completed we will then draft a depreciation letter stating that all the work is completed and send the letter to your insurance.  Then your insurance company will send your final payment which is called your depreciation payment (Final Payment).

Is this a scam?  No.  Severe storms that have affected your area are usually rare and have forced insurance companies to send out Cat Teams to cover overwhelming claims.  Your insurance company is obligated to pay for any damages that are caused by any severe storms, which is one of the main reasons why you have to carry homeowners insurance.  There are many companies that travel the Nation following recent severe storms.  Most of these companies or individuals are scam artist and prey on storm damaged areas to completely scam homeowners.  We are locally owned and operated, and are fully insured, licensed and bonded.  We are also a member of the BBB and have hundreds of referrals to provide upon your request. So you can rest assure you are in good hands.  

Things to stay away from:

Stay Away from out of state contractors.  These are contractors that travel from storm to storm. 
 They care very little about quality; they just want to get the job done and move on.  And if you have a problem with their work you most likely will not find them to make repairs or warranty their work.

Stay Away from contractors who offer to waive your deductible or offer to do work for less than what the insurance company is willing to pay out.
  Waiving deductibles and doing work for less than your insurance estimate seems like a great way to pocket some money but is in fact insurance fraud and carries serious repercussions.  
 If found guilty of insurance fraud you may face fines, jail time, and at the very least you will be blacked listed for insurance coverage.

Stay Away from startup companies Little contractors spring up all the time. 
 Very few of them know how to run a successful business and most will be gone in less than 3 years. 
 Make sure when you do your research that the company is at least 5 years old.

Stay away from companies that are vague about their insurances and licenses or will not provide proof. Always get a certificate of insurance from any contractor.  Make sure they have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to fully protect yourself and your property.  Make sure the contractor has a valid license for the work they will be doing.

Pro-1 Construction will promptly assess any damage to your home using the criteria established by the major insurance companies and then document your insured losses. After your insured losses have been properly assessed and fairly valued, we can then negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to assure you receive the best possible claim settlement, taking the worry off your shoulders. 

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