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Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

Pro-1 Construction warranty covers any labor defects and leaks within the remaining ownership of the original contract holder, for mostly all labor performed by Pro-1 Construction *   * (certain types of labor performed may carry it's own warranty.  This warranty can transfer to a new homeowners within 5 years from contract date, warranty will then be prorated after transfer.    

Pro-1 Construction states that there will not be any leaks or defects caused by original installation. If any leaks or defects are discovered and linked to the original installation, Pro-1 Construction will then repair any leak or defect that is caused by the original installation. 

Our liability is limited to repair only. 

Pro-1 Construction will not be responsible for any damages, interior damages or structural damages that may occur under this warranty. 

Pro-1 Construction warrants any labor installation and that all workmanship is done properly and according to any specifications listed on the contract. 

This warranty does not cover any Act of God liabilities or damages, which are tornados, hurricanes, hailstorm, high winds, lightning, earthquakes, ice dams or any action that the homeowner cannot control. These damages are covered under all homeowners insurance policies.

Any leaks or defects that are linked to original installation must be reported to Pro-1 Construction within 4 days. Pro-1 Construction will not be responsible for any leaks that are not reported within that time frame. Any replacing of materials installed by Pro-1 Construction will void this warranty

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