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Roofing Services

We take pride in our techniques for installing and maintaining diverse and complex roofing systems. Our roofing specialists are familiar with the technical requirements of both new construction roofing and re-roofing projects. We work with all different kinds of roofing system; asphalt, cedar shake/shingle, slate/tile, rubber, steel and copper.
You will find Pro-1 Construction roofing projects on homes in upscale neighborhoods as well as on modest houses in urban settings. Despite the superior quality of our roofing systems, we’re extremely cost-competitive. Pro-1  Construction promises to protect you, not only from the elements but also from unnecessary pricing.  Quality and professionalism is what we stand by and we believe that offering superior customer service and quality craftsmanship is number one. 

Our Roofing Services           Why Choose Pro-1 Construction®


√ Re-roofs                             Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

 Flat roofs                           √ Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

 Asphalt Shingles                 √ Most Roofing Projects Completed in One Day.

 Cedar Shake                       √ Quality Roofing Materials

√ Metal Roofing                     √ Thousands of Roofing Referrals

 Tile Roofing                        √ Great Pricing!!!


Quality Roofing Materials. From Brand Name Manufacturers.